Apr 16

Congratulations to MACS Award Nominee Jason Reed!

Jason will be attending the Maryland Association of Community Service (MACS) Awards Dinner in hopes of bringing home the MACS Achievement Award.

Jason Reed

Above: Jason Reed

Award nominee, Jason Reed, has worked at Laurel Springs Park, Wills Memorial Park, several local firehouses, and helps with the Spring Dell Center recycle bag run. Several years ago while searching for jobs; a position at Arby’s was identified where Jason would be able to work independently. Jason was employed with Arby’s for two years until they closed their doors. He then returned back to Spring Dell Center working with crews five days a week until a new employment opportunity was given to him at Burger King. He obtained the position at Burger King in March of 2012 and has been there ever since, as the front end attendant.

Jason is a very thoughtful, caring person who likes to be in charge. His goal is to be promoted to kitchen staff. Jason advocated for himself by asking the manager multiples times when he could start working in the kitchen; his perseverance and hard work provided him with the opportunity to help with the drive thru and pack bags for the customers. He was very proud of himself the first day he started and works very hard to keep his job.

Jason loves to meet new people and everyone always knows when Jason arrives and leaves. He is quick to say “hi,” and if he is working on window cleaning, greets the customers by saying “have a nice day or welcome to Burger King!” Jason also enjoys coming to the center the days he is not at work and likes assisting on a crew doing small contract work with his co-workers. Jason is eager to go to work and loves to get his paycheck. He loves to play basketball and watch World Wrestling Federation.  He is a funny, hardworking young man and an asset to his community.

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